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New Single Release For Beth De Bacci

We are so pleased to announce Beth De Bacci’s latest single release on Friday 7th January.

Passenger Seat is the 3rd release from Beth’s upcoming debut EP, co-written and produced by Brookfield (Anne Marie, Lizzo Beating, Charlie XCX, Harry Strange). The song essentially is a metaphor that really focuses on the feeling of heartbreak, and how even though the relationship has been over for some time, it can still feel like you’re drifting through life in the passenger seat and the invisible driver (your ex) still has control over your feelings and emotions. Starting off with broken piano combined with Beth’s haunting and tender vocals, the song soon progresses into a shout-it-from-the- rooftops ballad, with the song creating more and more emotional tension as it progresses.

Listen to the latest creation below

Beth has also just featured on playlists by the most duetted Tik Tok artist of 2021, Alto Key, who added to his playlist 'chill indie' link below:

To follow Beth’s incredible journey check her out on Instagram and Spotify

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