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Rock Regeneration review

The Lottery Winners/Saints of Sin/Monster Logic on December 8th, 2021 Review By Dave Chinners from Rock Regeneration

The Lottery Winners Madding Crowd
The Lottery Winners Madding Crowd

Since forming in 2008 “The Lottery Winners” from Leigh in Greater Manchester have surely and steadily worked their way into the hearts of anyone who has had the privilege to see them perform. Thom Rylance (Vocals/Guitar), Robert Lally (Guitar/Vocals), Katie Lloyd (Bass/Vocals), and Joe Singleton (Drums) are a very humble bunch of musicians, who are finally getting some much-deserved success. With recent major tour support with Shed Seven; a hometown arena show with Rick Astley and their second album hurtling into the top twenty this week, people are finally taking notice of the wonderful collection of talents that this band have to offer. Tonight the band roll into Bournemouth with boxes full of their album “Something to Leave the House For” to sell, in the hope of giving the record its highest chart position possible. Before tonight’s main attraction we have the small matter of two local support acts to warm up the crowd. First up is the four-piece Bournemouth Indie band “Monster Logic”, these guys are a constantly evolving bunch who like to experiment with their sound. There are no real obvious influences as what they create is quite original. Opening with “2nd Gear” frontman Alex dressed in his Charity shop Chic, provides his unique dusky vocal over a backdrop of atmospheric ambience from the two guitars; coupled with the constant rhythms. The band’s prolific output normally sees new material played at virtually every show. This evening’s offerings come in the form of a track called “Lifeline” and possibly one of their best to date “Rumours”, which features driving moody basslines with creative drum beats; coupled with Josh’s wondrous effect-fed guitar tones. Alex passionately begs people to “Keep your words to yourselves” to stop the rumour mill from causing all the trouble that it does. The band leave the stage with plenty of positive support from their hometown crowd. Next up are a band that need no introduction: South Coast pop/rock quartet Saints Of Sin, made up of four of the nicest blokes in the business; who as a unit can turn a room into a party the moment that they pick up their instruments. Rui, Ash, Josh and Sparxx enter the room to a huge welcome from their fans and typically kick off with the explosive “Heart Attack”. They’re all full of energy and know every trick in the book to get a crowd going. Their show features plenty of interaction with regular trips into the audience, for the up-close experience. There are clever reworkings of songs they probably should not cover, but somehow they work with the band’s own original Rock stylings with both Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” getting the Saints of Sin treatment. We are all treated to the premiere of a brand new song “With You” and frontman Rui says the band will only play it if no one records it on their phone. The track is an infectious upbeat number that features some emotive lyrics and some impressive melodies, that’s all I am prepared to say. But if you get along to the next Saints of Sin gig, I’m sure you will be able to hear it for yourself. The set ends with one of their most popular tunes “21 Shots”; a Western-inspired tune along similar lines to Jon Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory”, featuring more onstage choreography and leaving the audience wanting more. After a quick turnaround, it’s time for the headliners and despite the recent pandemic escalation news, the venue is virtually at capacity and venue manager Peter; along with all his supremely well-trained staff, have worked their socks off tonight to keep things running smoothly. The Lottery Winners arrive onstage with huge smiles on their faces and an agenda to sell as many CD’s as possible and it’s clear they’ll stop at nothing to shift all they have. It’s all done with great humour and you cannot blame them for wanting to fulfil their dreams of a top twenty album. What is obvious about their music is that they are fans of songs and songwriters, songs that have emotion attached and come from an honest wholesome place. When their set starts it’s clear the audience know their material well with tunes like “Little Things” and the delightful “Favourite Flavour” being sung simultaneously. The hard sell starts with the offer of requests in return for CD sales and guitarist Rob is coerced into singing a cover of Prince’s “Kiss”, we all cannot quite believe how good it is (see video below); apparently they have never played the track live before, with Rob absolutely nailing the vocals. Next up he continues with a great version of Wham’s “Last Christmas” which includes a series of impressions of various stars. Freddie Mercury, Elvis, Liam Gallagher all get the Lally treatment; much to the delight of the excited crowd. The Lottery Winners After the Christmas party fun the band returns to performing their own songs with an emotional version of “Overthink Everything” and an audience request of an older song “Young Love” getting a rare airing. Their musical prowess is just so enduring to watch, the four of them all have a wonderful chemistry and perform with a genuine love of music. Thom and Kate’s harmonies are just so delightful to listen to and with a fair wind in their sails, it would be great to see them succeed and achieve their dreams. The set comes to a close with a stunning version of The Wizard Of Oz-themed “Emerald City”, which is coupled with a sing-a-long of the Housemartin’s number “Caravan of Love” before the band end the evening on a high with the totally uplifting “21”. They are not like most bands who retreat to their dressing room when they leave the stage. All four head over to the merchandise table for as many meet and greets as is requested, along with hopefully a few more album sales.

Set Lists The Lottery Winners Headlock Little Things That’s Not Entertainment Favourite Flavour Sunshine Kiss (Prince cover) Last Christmas (Wham! cover) Much Better Overthink Everything Young Love Start Again The Meaning of Life Emerald City / Caravan Of Love (The Housemartins) 21 Saints of Sin Heart Attack Alive Sorry (Justin Bieber) We’re On Fire Stars In The Sky With You Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson) 21 Shots Monster Logic 2nd Gear Tell Me What To Say Change Up The Farm Lifeline Rumour Golden Cages

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