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Named by Rolling Stone as one of the stand-out acts at this year’s Country2Countryfestival, recently signed to global major label BMGand with acclaim for her extraordinary, storytelling songs snowballing, Twinnie is finally ready to put out her debut album and reveal her real self.“I’m a great believer in fate and trusting my gut,” says Twinnie. “I’ve always written songs and performed them anywhere that would have me. But I kept it low-key. I wanted to learn my craft, to put in the graft, to be sure that my music was the best it could be. I waited until the time felt right to release these songs and suddenly everything else fell in to place.”That Twinnie can sing will come as no surprise to anyone who watched her in West End musicals -We Will Rock You, Rock Of Ages and Footloose among them -although her gorgeous, gravelly, country-tinged vocals still caught many off guard when sheself-released her debut EP in 2016.Produced by Jon Green (James Bay, James Morrison, Paloma Faith), the EP hit No.2 on the iTunes country chart, propelling its singles Home on to radio. Within weeks, Twinnie had management (Craig Logan’s LME, home to Dido and Anastacia) and major labels competing to sign her. At a guess, she says, she had already written more than 300 songs in the past couple of years.“For years I’ve been back and forth to Nashville for writing,” says Twinnie. “I’ve written in London, LA, New York, Sweden and at home at the end of my bed. I taught myself to play piano and guitar and put together a band. Everywhere I worked, I’d go out at night and play. Every job I’ve done has been to pay for myself to make music.”For a decade, Twinnie has led a double life. While becoming a star of stage and screen, conquering the West End and working with Hollywood royalty, Twinnie has quietly pursued her real dream. Or rather, not so quietly of late.

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