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Six years of evolution from a dedicated live music venue to MC Music, a revolutionary industry management concept from nurturing emerging talent, and hosting global spotlight events to developing a world-first Immersive Live Performance Streaming Platform.


Embark on an extraordinary journey with our Dolby Atmos Live Performance Streaming Platform, the world's first immersive live-streaming experience. Now fans can dive into a ground-breaking live sound encounter like never before.

This transformative platform brings artists and audiences closer together, fostering an intimate connection during each performance. With MC Immersive, artists can captivate their fans in ways that far surpass traditional live-streaming shows. 


Join us on this extraordinary journey where artists thrive, audiences are captivated, and boundaries are redefined. Experience the immense power of MC Immersive and unlock the true potential of live-streaming performances.


Always have the best seat in the house.

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Dolby Atmos Mastering

Experience your music in a whole new dimension with our Dolby Atmos Remastering Service. 

Phil Wright, a visionary in the audio industry, has been at the forefront of immersive and live-streaming advancements. 

With a passion for staying on the cutting edge, Phil works closely with reputable manufacturers, distributors, and sound rental companies, contributing to product development and design.  Additionally, Phil has remastered works for the following big names:

Ed Sheeran -Equals Album Launch Experience Immersive.

DJ Sasha - Soundtrack for Genius Immersive Exhibition, Berlin. 
Jack Savoretti - Blinding Light - Amazon Original (Dolby Atmos Version). 
Ministry of Sound - The Annual Classical - UK Touring, Cor Meum – Royal Albert Hall / Carnegie Hall
Sir Brian May & Kerry Ellis – "Anthems In Concert” – Royal Albert Hall

“The Ibiza Prom”, “The Grime Prom” & “Urban Classic” – BBC Proms. 
Paloma Faith & The Guy Barker Orchestra – BBC Proms
To see Phil’s Dance, Cinema & Opera credit click here:

In close collaboration with Future Agency, MC Music nurtures robust relationships and curates exceptional events ranging from exclusive soirées like the esteemed Brit Awards boat after-party to charitable pop-ups featuring the likes of Tony Christie and Vicky McClure in aid of Music for Dementia. MC Music breaks down conventional boundaries with gusto.

With an unwavering dedication to pushing the envelope and acute attention to detail, MC Music thrives on surpassing expectations, crafting extraordinary experiences that leave an indelible mark. 


Future Agency

Working closely with Future Agency a London-based agency that represents talent across the globe, who cultivate powerful synergies across the music and live industry. MC Music is able to reach a broad network of industry specialists and artists.

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Duncan Brookfield...

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